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Innerself Music is a zen portal to relaxing music. Our artists thrive to compose music they would fall asleep to.


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Jaxk the spationaut

Jaxk established contact with us somewhere in 2018 and, to be honest, we didn't quite understand what he told us back then; all we received was extraterrestrial gibberish. 

We anyway understood that he travels through space, on his own, and that he has been doing so for quite some time. His spaceship is controlled with synthetizers, so he discovers new places according to the harmonies and melodies he composes - ok, maybe we exagerate a little bit, but we love the idea. 

The first single released in September 2018, Destination Earth , is Jaxk's testimony of his first encounter with planet Earth. He was so seduced by its beauty there is no doubt he will come back with more music.


our playlists

Our curated playlists, populated with thoroughly selected music to help you find inner peace. Or to fall asleep to (yes, it works with dogs too).

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Sometimes we need to change our perception of life. Sometimes we need to spin things around.

We love mixing classical with new age it brings us back to our roots as well as projecting us in the future.

From there we can decide on a whole new path to follow.



Shoot it in the right direction, make making it your intention. Live those dreams, scheme those schemes.



Your daily meditation playlist.



Our connection witn nature is neglected nowadays.

We believe that we can reach well-being and peace of mind by rediscovering and maintaining this precious link.

We have therefore compiled the finest nature tracks for this playlist.



The beauty of nature and classical music collude.

Because it just makes sense.



We always learn, we always need to broaden our horizons, we always want to be free.

Jazz is the golden gate to brand new experiences that, united with new age, enlighten our minds and liberate our soul.

The thrill of becoming a whole new being.