Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in our playlist.

There are only two requirements to be placed in our playlists:

1) That your music corresponds to our playlists’ themes.

2) That you share the playlist on your social media accounts mentionning Innerself Music. You can use the following message if you like or write whatever you like:

  • “Check out and follow this Spotify playlist I just got placed in: [Spotify playlist URL]. Thanks @innerselfmusic”

HOW to submit songs:

1/ Fill in the form below called “Track submission form” only if it is the first time you submit music to us. If the form is not properly displayed on your mobile device, use this link instead.

2/ Add a MAXIMUM OF 2 SONGS to our Spotify collaborative playlist. Please don’t flood it!

how to share your post:

1/ Fill in the form below called “Social media post sharing form” so we can easily identify your post to reshare or retweet it!